Greg Snodgrass received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Texas Tech University, where he was awarded a scholarship through the University’s Collegiate Recovery Community, which is part of the University’s Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery. He earned a Master’s Degree in Social Work with a concentration in Administrative Leadership from Texas State University. Family and community service are important to Snodgrass, who has dedicated the last eight years to mentoring children in his local community. He was awarded the Big Brother of the Year Award in 2010-2011 for his efforts in Lubbock, Texas, where he also worked at the Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization. Service is, therefore, a key component of The University of Alabama’s Collegiate Recovery Community, where students are encouraged to volunteer in the surrounding Tuscaloosa community. Greg is currently the Director of the Collegiate Recovery Community at the University of Alabama.

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