The 11th National Collegiate Recovery Conference kicks off Monday, June 22nd! Hosted over Zoom this year, the week of content commences with our annual pre-conference training sessions. See all the offerings below and be sure to register on the conference page. Email with any questions!

Session Title: Recovery Ally Training – Hosted by Cougars in Recovery from the University of Houston
Leah Singer, MEd, LPC, RYT-200, Cougars in Recovery
John Shiflet, MSW, Cougars in Recovery
To promote the inclusivity of and sensitivity towards individuals in recovery by empowering attendees with the tools and knowledge to interact empathically and knowledgeably to support those in recovery and those struggling with active substance use.

Session Title: Surviving to Thriving: Supporting Recovery Through a Wellness Lens
Mackenzie Hogan, MA, The Ohio State University
Ahmed Hosni, MSW, The Ohio State University

Providing recovery support services on campus is the core mission of Collegiate Recovery Programs. As evidence continues to validate the importance of CRPs on campus, new approaches to student support and engagement are necessary to meet the unique needs of students in recovery in a variety of program structures. Wellness Coaching supports college students by enhancing holistic wellness, health, and success through empowering conversations. Ohio State University’s CRC staff will discuss how they have incorporated the practice of wellness coaching into their support structure and the benefits of a strengths-based approach to recovery student development.

Session Title: Romancing the Brain
Cynthia Moreno Tuohy, BSW, NCACII, CDCIII, SAP, NAADAC the Association for Addiction Professionals

With funding from NIDA, Cynthia Moreno Tuohy worked with Danya International to conceptualize, develop, and evaluate a multi component, multi-media tool for use by addiction and other helping professionals to assist adults and youth improve their life traumas and conflict through knowledge, attitudes and skills developed in the frontal cortex of the brain. Rein in Your Bran are an intensive set of psycho-emotional-social- spiritual Cogitative Behavioral Therapy (CBT) treatments that, if followed, will result in brain pathway and lifestyle changes. This program affects behavioral learning with emotional development and maturity that results in long-term changes in the brain and behavior. This training will be a short introduction into the foundational pieces of the curriculum focusing on the brain and its development in addiction and conflict, methods to change the neuropathways in the brain and reduce conflict with self and others.

Session Title: The Keys to Fundraising and Board Development for Successful Collegiate Recovery Programs
Kitty Harris, PhD, LCDC, LMFT, Summit Behavioral Health
Teresa Johnston, MA, LPC, Master Addiction Certification, Kennesaw State University, Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery
Patrice Salmeri, MA, LADC, Salmeri & Associates

The Fundraising and Board Development for Successful Collegiate Recovery Programs session focuses on the best practices involved in collegiate recovery fundraising. We will discuss how to assess your program with respect to possible donors in the community or state. Additionally, we will examine the steps to approach your college or university for possible funding opportunities and the collateral materials you might consider. Another important aspect of successful fund raising is the establishment of an Advisory Board. The Advisory Board can not only help with guidance of the CRP but also work as a funding resource. We will discuss and provide examples of board documents, organization, experiences and attracting a mix of leaders.