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Established: 2010
Region: Southeast
State: Alabama
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Auburn University’s Recovery Program was founded in 2010 in Auburn, Alabama. We are located within the Division of Student Affairs, and more specifically within Health Promotion and Wellness which supports us in our foundation and message that recovery is a model of wellness. We currently have offices and group space within the Student Center, Suite 2103. We currently have one Director and one Coordinator. We additionally have a practicum opportunity connected to the School of Social Work. Our program is considered mid-sized and is well-supported by the campus. The Auburn Recovery Community provides two 12 step meetings each week, AA and NA. We have a Recovery Night every Friday evening and a study seminar on Sunday evenings. We partner with the The Reprieve in Opelika as well as Active Minds on campus. We are a recognized campus organization. In order to participate in the most basic level of activity you need to be working an active program of recovery; in order to join our program, you need to have six months clean and continue to be working your recovery program. Basic participation includes our hang-out time, our lunches and dinners. Our students are big advocates for service and breaking the stigma surrounding addiction and recovery. Newcomers are welcome to participate in events and programs and encouraged to explore recovery with us. There is a clear pathway to full membership for those who are not yet in stable recovery and opportunities for engagement for students who are new to recovery.

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