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Established: 2014
Region: Midwest
State: Indiana
Program Contact: Eric Teske or
(317) 274-4745
Website: Program Link

About the Program

STUDENTs in Recovery of Indianapolis

Students in Recovery of Indianapolis is the student organization associated with the Students in Recovery program at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), and met for the first time as an organization on October 9, 2014. Students in Recovery is based out of the Office of Health and Wellness Promotion in the Division of Student Affairs. The Office of Health and Wellness Promotion also advises the student organization. The student organization is registered with the Office of Student Involvement, also out of the Division of Student Affairs. We currently share space that is dedicated to us at specific times for various programmatic needs. There is no specific recovery housing option at this point. There is one Alcohol and Other Drug Education and Prevention Coordinator whose time is partially dedicated to implementing this program and advising the student organization. We are currently a small program with fewer than 15 students participating at this time. Programming includes guidance and support from one-on-one meetings with a trained Recovery Coach, social outings and late-night alcohol alternative events, participation in recovery advocacy and stigma reduction campaigns, weekly on-campus addiction recovery support meetings, and a network of on-campus support services including Counseling and Psychological Services, learning centers, and a Student Advocate position within the Division of Student Affairs. Membership in the student organization is available for free to students, and voting rights in the student organization are granted after attending three organizational meetings. Prospective students and alumni may participate as non-voting members, except in cases where their participation is funded by student fees (e.g. travel, meals). A more formalized and intensive recovery support program is currently in development that will require an application and increased accountability measures. Newcomers and even prospective students may participate and consider themselves part of the student organization.

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