University of California at Riverside

Program Details

Established: 2014
Region: Pacific
State: California
Program Contact: Audrey L. Pusey, Director
(951) 827-4252

About the Program

THE Loft collegiate recovery community at the university of california, riverside

The Loft Collegiate Recovery Community was founded in September of 2014 and is located within the department of Residential Life and Services at the University of California-Riverside. The CRC space includes a staff office space as well as a student lounge. Currently, the Loft Collegiate Recovery Community does not have designated residential housing area.   Students are offered assistance in finding sober roommates/allies, as requested.  The Loft Collegiate Recovery Community has one part-time Community Coordinator and one full-time position as well.  The Loft has fewer than 15 students at this time.  Loft students identify as individuals in recovery, Al-Anon and or students who identify as allies to the recovery movement. The Loft Collegiate Recovery Community’s programming includes bi-weekly seminars and monthly outings.  We give our students the opportunity to engage in the recovery movement at the local and national level by attending recovery conferences and other recovery related events.  Our community offers recovery support and accountability through peer and staff support by incorporating mentorship and check-in meetings as part our requirements to be part of the program.  We have an on-campus 12 step meeting.  We also assist students in referral processes, if they are seeking treatment services and/or community 12-step meetings.   We work with our campus partners to seek the best local treatment options for students who are in need of in-patient or out-patient treatment.  Strong campus partners include Counseling and Psychological Services, The Well, the Student Affairs Case Managers, Student Special Services, Residential Life and the Student Conduct offices.   In addition, we have a Community Advisory Board that is made up of alumni, university staff members and community members who have interest in advancing/supporting The Loft program. Students who are interested in joining The Loft Collegiate Recovery Community must have a desire to live a healthy lifestyle and work a program of recovery.  Allies to the community are also welcome.  Each perspective member must fill out a community member application, sign a program contract, and follow the requirements established under our tier system to be considered active members in the program.   These requirements include regular attendance within a recovery support program of their choice, attendance at The Loft seminars, involvement in community service and mentoring of new members.  There is no cost to members associated with their participation.  Newcomers are always welcome.  Newcomers are considered guests until they have completed the membership application process.

The Loft

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