University of North Carolina at Asheville

Program Details

Established: 2014
Region: Mid-Atlantic
State: North Carolina
Program Contact: Barbara Galloway, LPC, LCAS
Website: Program Link

About the Program


UNC Asheville’s Collegiate Recovery Community was launched in the summer of 2014 when two transfer students approached our staff to inquire about services for students in recovery. Both these students were familiar with collegiate recovery programs at other institutions and agreed to help build a program at UNC Asheville. Fall semester 2015 the Collegiate Recovery Community at UNC Asheville became an official student organization. A small group of students have taken the lead in recruiting members, presenting programs, and doing community service projects. Our CRC does not have a dedicated space at this time but have use of a meeting space on campus. The UNC Asheville Health and Counseling Department is the program sponsor for the CRC. Students in the CRC can access weekly “case management” services including how to access campus resources, effectively navigating the academic system, utilizing community resources and building coping skills. Students have access to individual counseling, coping skills groups and medical services including meeting with a psychiatrist. There is no length of recovery requirement for involvement in the CRC and we are open to students who are contemplating lifestyle changes.  Our CRC welcomes students who are “sober by choice”.  Asheville is fortunate to have a large, thriving recovery community and we encourage CRC students to utilize 12 step meetings, SMART Recovery, faith-based recovery groups, and any other resource they find helpful.
We have 4-5 members who are active in the CRC and over 20 students who have requested to be on our email list. We have one staff person able to dedicate 5-10 hours weekly to the CRC.

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