The University of Texas at Dallas

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Established: 2014
Region: Southwest
State: Texas
Program Contact: Stephanie Epstein - Program Director
(972) 883-7320
Website: Program Link

About the Program

Center for Students in Recovery

The University of Texas at Dallas Collegiate Recovery Program was established in 2014 as a branch of the Student Counseling Center housed under the Division of Student Affairs. The Center for Students in Recovery (CSR) has its own designated clubhouse on campus. Our clubhouse consists of a large group room, a lounge area, a study and includes 2 staff offices, a front desk and a kitchen area. While there is not designated recovery housing on campus, our CSR staff helps connect students to safe living arrangements both on and off campus when they request it. The CRP staff consists of a full-time program manager, a full-time administrative assistant, and 5 part-time student workers and interns from the UT Arlington school of Social Work. UT Dallas’ CSR is mid-size, 15-45 students. CSR serves students with substance use disorders as well as those recovering from process addictions. The UTD CRP is an integrated approach with peer-support, social and clinical components. The program offers a multitude of groups per week consisting of 12-step meetings, SMART recovery, Refuge Recovery, an eating disorder recovery support group, and a sex and love process group facilitated by a licensed professional, meditation and yoga. CSR also offers individual recovery counseling, university admissions assistance, legal advocacy, service opportunities and sober social events throughout the year including during summers. “Students For Recovery” is a student organization affiliated with CSR that recruited over 30 students in recovery or allies of recovery after only 9 months of being an official group on campus. Currently, the SFR and CSR are collaborating to start a UT Dallas Recovery Ally training for all staff, students and faculty on campus. There are no requirements for students to become members of the CRP other than a voluntary, honest effort to pursue recovery. A newcomer may access services and participate in the same way any other member in long-term recovery is permitted. CSR strives to have a welcoming, non-judgmental stance for all students seeking to heal and grow through recovery so that both newcomers and those in long-term recovery may find the same opportunities to thrive in college while living in recovery.

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