University of Maryland, College Park

Program Details

Established: 2015
Region: Mid-Atlantic
State: Maryland
Program Contact: Laura Place
Website: Program Link

About the Program

The Collegiate Recovery Community at the University of Maryland, College Park has been rapidly developing since Fall 2015.  There is a semi-dedicated space, the Recovery Drop-In Space.  Housing options are in development as well, with a new substance free (but not recovery per se) dorm opening in Fall 2017.  Other options are in planning stages. The Substance Use Intervention and Treatment (SUIT) Coordinator and Alcohol and Other Drug Coordinator both work with the collegiate recovery community.  The community is currently on the small end of medium-sized, although it has grown rapidly in the last 2 years since it was envisioned. Programming and supports are largely conducted in collaboration between the Terps for Recovery student organization and the University Health Center, and include drop-in space, social events supporting recovery, and community engagement.  Group counseling, short-term individual counseling, crisis counseling, and evaluation for referral are available through SUIT.  The only requirements to participate in the programs offered are a commitment to supporting one’s own and/or others’ recovery process. Allies of recovery are explicitly welcome in Terps for Recovery.  Newcomers are incredibly welcome to participate in attending and planning programming, but will be encouraged to develop their own recovery before taking on an upper level leadership position in Terps for Recovery.

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