Collegiate Recovery Student Development Fund

The Association of Recovery in Higher Education (ARHE) established the collegiate recovery Student Development Fund (SDF) in order to foster the personal and professional growth of students in recovery across the country. The fund will go towards supporting the ARHE internship program, ARHE student board member involvement, the ARHE student ambassador program, ARHE event registration scholarships for students, and additional opportunities for ARHE to assist and engage with collegiate recovery students nationwide.

The 2018 ARHE “25 to Thrive” Campaign

From June through the rest of 2018, ARHE is excited to announce its first fundraising campaign: 25 to Thrive. Our goal is to raise $25,000 to help students thrive in their pursuit of recovery, academics, and professional development. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation in order to support our campaign and help students thrive nationwide!

The Impact:
$25 provides an ARHE t-shirt and official fleece for a student member
$50 covers a student’s meals at an ARHE event
$100 pays for student registration scholarship to an ARHE event
$250 provides conference residence hall lodging for a student
$500 gives a monthly stipend for a student intern
$1,000 covers the cost of one ARHE Student Ambassador
$2,500 allows an ARHE student board member to attend annual meetings
$5,000 helps support ARHE staff to better engage with and work with students in recovery
$10,000 funds the ARHE Internship Program for one year
$25,000 underwrites the event costs for the ARHE Student Leadership Summit


From the Students:

“I  was able to enter into recovery in the spring of 2016 thanks to the  resources offered by my school’s collegiate recovery program. One month after I entered recovery, my CRP director told me I should attend ARHE’s National Collegiate Recovery Conference in Atlanta, GA.  Since then, I haven’t known recovery without the incredible support,  guidance, and network of this organization. ARHE has provided me with  recovery resources, personal and professional growth opportunities, friendships across the country, and a deep appreciation for the work  that individuals and collectives across the country are doing to support  students in recovery.”

-Morgan Vickers, 2017 ARHE Student Ambassador and 2017-2018 ARHE Intern


“Being  the Graduate Student Representative for ARHE has given me such  gratitude and appreciation for collegiate recovery and really  highlighted the impact it can have on a community. Being on the board also gave me invaluable  experience in non-profit work and the impact an organization with a  strong mission can have. I am honored to have been a part of the board  and truly thankful for an opportunity to grow in my recovery.”
 -Jack Sykstus, ARHE Graduate Student Representative 2016-2018


“Being a part of Collegiate  Recovery and ARHE has given me a real sense of purpose as an  undergraduate and graduate student. I received a scholarship at the University of Connecticut in  my first two months of sobriety and I couldn’t believe that someone wanted to support me for living a life in recovery. My hope  is that other students will be awarded scholarships for working hard to maintain their recovery while pursuing a degree in higher education.”

-Ashley Wheeler, 2017 ARHE Student Ambassador and 2018 ARHE Graduate Student Representative

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