Joan M. Scully, LCSW, MCAP (Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Master Certified Addictions Professional) Joan Scully received in Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising at the University of Florida. She went on to earn a Master’s in Social Work from Florida State University. In 2012, after working in addictions treatment in varied settings, she was hired at the University of Florida (UF) as the Alcohol and Other Drug Coordinator. Initially hired to develop and expand substance abuse treatment services, Joan attended the Southeastern Collegiate Recovery Summit at the University of Alabama. This sparked her interest in developing a Collegiate Recovery Program at UF, and in August of 2013, hosted a kick off event with a showing of the movie, “The Anonymous People.” In her current role, Joan oversees the Collegiate Recovery Community and, through collaboration with campus partners, coordinates treatment and prevention efforts across UF’s campus. In his work with the CRC Joan seeks to expand the reach of the program as well as its support. His main focuses include expanding resources for holistic support for students in recovery and reducing stigma related to substance dependencies and recovery.