Susie is a licensed psychologist, licensed professional counselor, certified advanced alcohol & drug counselor & supervisor and certified distance counselor. She works on the Technology Assisted Care team at First Choice Services Inc. in Charleston, WV and led the SAMHSA funded ATARI project.  Susie is also the Recovery Specialist & Therapist at West Virginia University and was recently elected as the Mid-Atlantic Region Representative for the Association of Recovery in Higher Education. Susie serves on the West Virginia Telehealth Alliance board, is the past president of WVAADC and serves on the NAADAC Veterans Subcommittee.

She has been working in the mental health & substance abuse field for over 25 years. In addition to telehealth she has expertise in animal assisted therapy, trauma treatment, collegiate recovery/counseling and working with service members, veterans & families. She is a graduate of the ATTC/PFR WV Leadership Institute & Advanced Leadership Institute.

Awards include WVAADC President’s Award & WVCBAPP Lisa Grossi Award.  She was a finalist for the Women in Technology Award from the TechConnect WV organization in 2015.

Publications include: Co-Author “Rules of Engagement: Addressing the Needs of Service Members, Veterans and Their Families-Developing Core Competencies for Behavioral Health Professionals” 2011.

Contributor “Understanding the Links between Adolescent Trauma & Substance Abuse: A Toolkit for Providers, NCTSN First Edition, 2007.

Co-Author “Tech Support-Using Technology to Support Ongoing Recovery” NAADAC Advances in Addiction, Summer 2014.

Author “Recovery U- Collegiate Recovery Programs Supporting Students & the Future of the Recovery Movement”  NAADAC Advances in Addiction, Summer 2016.

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Email:   |   Phone: 304.614.7177