2024 ARHE/ARS/AAPG Annual Conference

15th Annual Collegiate Recovery Conference

23rd Annual Recovery Schools Conference

8th Annual Alternative Peer Groups Conference

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ARHE Conference

The Association of Recovery in Higher Education (ARHE) National Collegiate Recovery Conference is designed to facilitate a greater understanding about collegiate recovery communities (CRCs) and programs (CRPs), their essential role in colleges and universities across the nation, and the students they support. It is an opportunity for experts in the field of education and addiction recovery to share a body of knowledge across the continuum of care with a focus on recovery support systems in higher education. The conference facilitates the sharing of national standards, developments in the field, ethics in collegiate recovery, and sustainability within higher education.

Further, the conference represents an opportunity for staff, faculty, students, and community members to connect with one another and gain knowledge pertinent to establishing, maintaining, and sustaining strong recovery supports for students in a higher education setting. Participants will be afforded many educational and training opportunities relevant to collegiate recovery, including continuing education credits.

ARS Conference

The Association of Recovery Schools is a registered 501(c)3, nonprofit organization comprised of recovery high schools as well as associate members and individuals who support the integral growth of the recovery high school movement.

Connected through principles, disciplines and tools that set the gold standard for educating and supporting students in recovery, we collaborate with a broad and diverse global network to advocate for a continuum of support and a readiness for student transition in and out of Recovery High Schools. We provide deep expertise, resources and data-driven best practices to Recovery High Schools through training, consulting and accreditation services, while serving as advocates for the educational inclusion of youth recovery.

For the past 20+ years, ARS has hosted an annual conference that provides attendees with an exciting opportunity to connect, receive continuing education credits and learn about adolescent treatment and recovery support services.

AAPG Conference

The Association of Alternative Peer Groups (AAPG) was created to assist in the creation, development, maintenance and regulation of Alternative Peer Groups (APGs). The AAPG Conference is an informative series of workshops for all who are interested in the components necessary to start an Alternative Peer Group. Beginning in 2018, AAPG combined its conference with ARHE and ARS in order to continue with the collaborative efforts of all three groups.

ARHE/ARS/AAPG Annual Conference Theme:

The Future of Scholastic Recovery: Advancing Recovery-Readiness”

The theme “The Future of Scholastic Recovery: Advancing Recovery-Readiness” signifies a comprehensive approach involving reducing stigma, implementing ally programs, securing administrative support, and fostering forward-thinking initiatives. Our goal is to adapt and innovate in recovery programs, ensuring equitable education and support for individuals on unique recovery journeys. It calls for preparation for major life transitions, anti-stigma advocacy, and an inclusive focus on diverse needs within scholastic recovery, aligning with broader organizational goals in the pursuit of creating environments that facilitate thriving. 

This year’s theme builds off the past two year’s themes by asking you to consider the ways in which we can increase recovery-readiness and improve the delivery of student recovery in the future. (2023 Theme: “Diverse Pathways: Honoring Individual Recovery and Building Inclusive Communities” and 2022 Theme:  “Evolving Recovery: Expanding the Spectrum of Care”)


The deadline for submissions has passed. For any questions about the 2024 ARHE/ARS/APG Annual Conference Call for Proposals, please email the Conference Committee at conference@collegiaterecovery.org and we will respond as soon as we can.

*Presenters are responsible for their registration unless told otherwise in writing.*

Access our Social Media Toolkit to download graphics to share about the event; custom graphic templates available for attendees, speakers, and sponsors alike! 


Thank you for your interest in sponsoring our 2024 Annual Conference!  If you have any questions or would like to sign up as a sponsor of the ARHE/ARS/AAPG Annual Conference, please contact Kristina Canfield at kristina.canfield@collegiaterecovery.org.

Need help signing up? Check out our step-by-step sponsorship registration guide or watch a brief video guide on how to register!


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Thank You to all of our Conference Exhibitors as well:

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Member pricing is offered to anyone who is a member of ARHE, ARS, AAPG, or HECAOD.

Non-member pricing is for those who are not members of ARHE, ARS, AAPG, or HECAOD.

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Early Bird

Ends 3/15


3/15 – 5/24

Last Minute Tickets

5/24 – 7/3


ARHE/ARS/AAPG/HECAOD Member – Full Conference* $475 $525 $625
Student – Full Conference $225 $275 $325
Non-Member – Full Conference $625 $675 $775
One-Day Registration $200 $300
Post-Conference Recording Library (~80 hours) $150 $150

*To receive member pricing, please select the full conference ticket price, then use the discount code provided through the listserv. If you are a member and did not receive this code, please contact conference@collegiaterecovery.org!

**A Chef’s Choice Breakfast buffet will be included Sunday-Wednesday, inclusive of water, tea, coffee, juice, fruits, pastries, oats/yogurt, and protein. We cannot guarantee exact menu items, but a sample menu can be viewed here.

Lunch and dinner are NOT provided in conference registration – the hotel has an excellent attached restaurant and coffee shop with grab-and-go options; attendees will  also be provided with a list of nearby recommended restaurants to visit. 

Billing and Cancellation Policy

Refund and Payment Policy

Full payment of exhibit/sponsor fees must be provided within 45 days of completion of the online reservation process.

Please note that we will fully refund your ticket upon request until Friday, April 26, 2024, less a $50 administrative fee. Refund requests received between April 27, 2024 – May 24, 2024 will be refunded at 50%, less a $50 administrative fee. Refunds may not be granted after May 24, 2024.

Cancellation requests or refund requests must be submitted in writing to Louise Irizarry at recovery@collegiaterecovery.org 

Tickets may be transferred to another individual. All transfer requests should be sent to Louise Irizarry at recovery@collegiaterecovery.org 

Under all circumstances, ARHE retains the right to resell any booth space cancelled by exhibitor. All cancellations must be sent in writing via e-mail or regular mail to ARHE at:
EMAIL: conference@collegiaterecovery.org  
REGULAR MAIL: Association of Recovery in Higher Education. P.O. Box 1541
Kennesaw, GA 30156

Conference Request / Feedback Form

ARHE, ARS, AAPG are committed to providing the best possible experience for all those attending the conference this year. While we regularly collect post-conference feedback which is considered in part of the planning process, we want to give attendees an opportunity to provide feedback prior to the conference so that we can ensure these considerations are made. While we must balance the overall needs of the conference, we are committed to doing everything possible to ensure that attendee’s voices are heard. Please consider sharing feedback with us about how we can make the conference a more enjoyable experience for you!

Conference Accommodations

Hyatt Regency La Jolla At Aventine

ARHE/ARS/AAPG have confirmed a room block at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine as the official hotel for the conference from June 30th – July 3rd, 2024! The hotel’s address is 3777 La Jolla Village Drive, San Diego, CA, US, 92122. The room block is now full. 

When booking your accommodations moving forward, we recommend that you follow these steps:

1. Call the hotel directly to book. There have been room cancellations which may result in an available room, and there may be room block rates for some nights and not others; by calling, you may receive near-block-rates but ARHE can not guarantee any pricing. Full rates may apply. 

If you need additional assistance, you can contact the Hyatt at 877-803-7534 or click here to find contact information by Region.

2. You might consider staying at a nearby hotel:

San Diego Marriott La Jolla (0.7 miles; approximately 16 minute walk)

4240 La Jolla Village Drive, La Jolla, California 92037 USA


Sheraton La Jolla (0.9 miles; approximately 19 minute walk)

3299 Holiday Court, La Jolla, California 92037 USA



Self-parking is available in a secure indoor garage, with in-and-out privileges for your convenience, at a daily rate of $35. 

Valet parking is available in a secure indoor garage, with in-and-out privileges, at a daily rate of $45.

Volunteer Sign Up

It takes all of us to make our conference a success. We could not put on this conference each year without the generous dedication and support of our conference volunteers!
Please consider giving back to the community by signing up to volunteer during on our time slots, even if it’s just an hour of your time.
We are so grateful for our volunteers and can’t wait to have you as part of this year’s conference.

For questions about volunteering, please contact conference@collegiaterecovery.org.


Awards Nominations

Award recipients for the annual Collegiate Recovery Awards have been announced and will be celebrated at an event during the conference! 

For more information on ARHE Awards, or to the award recipients, see the ARHE Awards Page!

Collegiate Recovery Showcase

Sign up for a booth at the Collegiate Recovery Showcase as part of the 2024 Annual ARHE/ARS/AAPG Conference. The Collegiate Recovery Showcase is an opportunity to showcase the success of your institution’s program and highlight events, research, or other exciting news that your staff and students have been up to! Booths are free for ARHE member academic institutions, and available at a cost of $500 for non-member institutions. To sign up for membership, please visit: https://collegiaterecovery.org/join/

Booth showcases must be set up by an attending member. Set up will be available beginning Saturday, June 29, 2024. A follow-up email will be sent with further details. Booths do not need to be attended during the conference, but all materials should be picked up before the close of the conference on Wednesday, July 3, 2024.

**Recovery High Schools that are members of the Association of Recovery Schools (ARS) and Alternative Peer Groups that are members of the Association of Alternative Peer Groups (AAPG) may also apply!

Conference Schedule

*Sessions and rooms are subject to change.

Last updated May 28, 2024

Excited about the conference? 

Download our SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLKIT for graphics to share, whether you’re attending, speaking, or sponsoring!

Individual Session Graphics can also be found here – or use our Canva Template to create your own!

Shipping Information

All boxes and materials shipped to the hotel for your convention may be delivered three (3) business days prior to your meeting dates. The hotel is unable to accept shipments that may require forklift or other power lifting movement.


To ensure prompt delivery all materials should be addressed as follows:

Hyatt Regency La Jolla

3777 La Jolla Village Drive, San Diego, CA, 92122

Attn: (Guest’s Name), (Guest’s Arrival Date), (Convention Name), (Convention Dates)



The Exhibitor is responsible for all exhibit set-up and teardowns. Hotel staff will assist with box delivery at $3.00 per box, $75.00 per pallet and/or $25.00 per case. Payment for handling fees may be posted to an overnight guestroom or via credit card upon package retrieval. Please contact the hotel for alternative payment methods or for pricing on shipments other than boxes, pallets, or cases.


In-coming shipment of materials requires the following information to ensure proper retrieval. Please have Tracking Numbers, Name of Sender, Sender’s Address, Date of Delivery and Type of Shipment (i.e., FedEx, UPS, Airborne, etc.) available when claiming boxes. All shipments should be labeled as noted below:






c/o Hotel EPM: Shannon Swanson


Hyatt Regency La Jolla

3777 La Jolla Village Drive

San Diego, CA 92122

PH 858.552.1234

Box 1 of …..


* Shipments to arrive no earlier than 3 business days prior to the conference. Additional storage fees may apply. *



It is recommended that each exhibitor bring their own shipping forms and use their own account numbers. Please note that exhibitors must provide all packaging materials and will be responsible for packaging all outgoing shipments.


Packages that are taped, labeled, and ready for shipment – leave package at exhibit area and hotel Setup staff to pick up and place at loading dock. UPS, FedEx, and USPS pickups happen 6 days a week. Any other shipping companies must have arranged pickup.

ARHE Ethics & Integrity Statement:

The Association of Recovery in Higher Education (ARHE) values the relationships with the Sponsors, Exhibitors, Donors, and Members that have been built over the years which work to support our mission. We appreciate their valuable contributions to the field of collegiate recovery.  It is that relationship which allows us to offer high quality, value-driven conferences, and services throughout the year.


All staff, board members, interns, fellows, as well as affiliates of ARHE act with honesty, integrity, and fairness in their dealings as representatives of the organization. The organization promotes a working environment that values honesty, fairness, and integrity. 

ARHE promotes the highest ethical and legal standards of professional conduct through comprehensive conferences, events, and services. Our organization is knowledgeable of and complies with all laws and regulations. 

ARHE regularly reviews programs and services offered and has mechanisms to incorporate lessons learned into future programs. We are responsive to changes in collegiate recovery and the work to be responsive to the needs of our membership. We value community feedback from our membership and those passionate about collegiate recovery and can be reached through our website.

This ethics statement is to show not only what ARHE stands for as an organization, but what values we hope and expect to be upheld by those who we support and support us. This document, the Ethics and Accountability Code, will continue to be reviewed and revised, as necessary by ARHE’s Board of Directors. 

Equity & Inclusion Statement
The Association of Recovery in Higher Education (ARHE) recognizes the importance of having the values of equity, inclusion, and social justice to our membership and those we do business with. We believe that these values require continued efforts to ensure that members from all identities, backgrounds, abilities, and belief systems have access, voice, acknowledgment, and opportunities to participate at all levels within the organization.
By appreciating the importance of inclusion, we acknowledge that the organizational body and individual talents, skills, and perspectives of members, donors, and affiliates foster a culture of collaborative practice, creativity, and mutual respect. ARHE seeks to empower and engage professionals and students in ways that productively contribute to accomplishing the goals of our membership, regardless of background.
Additionally, ARHE strives to ensure that our membership, leadership, scholarship, and programming are reflective of these values. Through our standards of professional practice, we hold our members and those we affiliate with accountable to these principles in our work on behalf of the organization and collegiate recovery field.




The ARHE Website is currently undergoing updates. While we anticipate minimal disruption, please email mack@collegiaterecovery.org if you experience any issues with the website and we apologize for any inconvenience.