Corporate and Non Profit ARHE Members


This membership is available to For-profit organizations, manufacturers, or suppliers of goods and services that operate for profit and support the policies, purposes and activities of ARHE. This membership includes one Associate Affiliate delegate membership for one staff person affiliated with the organization. 


This membership is available to non-profit organizations and agencies who are interested in issues of recovery and education. This membership includes one Associate Affiliate delegate membership for one staff person affiliated with the organization.

Note: In-Service Scholarships may be available on a case by case basis (i.e. printing, conference volunteers, etc). Non-profit associations/agencies/etc that support ARHE goals.

Additional individual memberships can be purchased at the discounted rate of $75 (as opposed to $125) for both corporate or non-profit organizations with multiple staff who wish to benefit from ARHE membership.

Review the ARHE Membership Benefits Matrix to explore all of the benefits that Corporate / Non-profit Businesses and Organizations can receive. 

The Association of Recovery in Higher Education (ARHE) values its relationships with non-profit organizations, corporations and businesses. Each year, non-profit and corporate sponsors are integral to ensuring successful ARHE programming, professional development offerings, and our annual collegiate recovery conference. ARHE recognizes the important role that ally members, including event sponsors and donors have. Without you, ARHE could not offer such high quality, value-driven conferences and services. 

Disclaimer: The list of organizations above is the current corporate membership body of The Association of Recovery in Higher Education (ARHE). ARHE does not necessarily endorse the organizations just because they are listed. We value all of our members and look forward to working collaboratively in order to grow the field of collegiate recovery. ARHE promotes the highest ethical and legal standards of professional conduct through its comprehensive conference, events, and services. Honesty, integrity, and fairness are core values that govern ARHE and its relationships with Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Donors. ARHE expects its Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Donors to operate their businesses with the same standards and values. ARHE may refuse to enter into a transactional relationship with a prospective Sponsor, Exhibitor, or Donor at its sole discretion. Similarly, ARHE may terminate or refuse to renew a Sponsor, Exhibitor, or Donor relationship at its sole discretion. The fact that ARHE engaged with a Sponsor, Exhibitor, or Donor in the past does not ensure that ARHE will accept them in the future.


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