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Champions for Collegiate Recovery

$ 1000 / year
  • Donors who contribute $1000 or more will be considered foundational members for the year in which the donation took place and other membership fees will be waived for that academic year.

Institutional Membership

$ 250 / year
  • This membership is for the actual institution which houses the Collegiate Recovery Program. The CRP must meet the Collegiate Recovery Community/Program criteria listed below. The Institutional Membership comes with one Membership for one staff/faculty member connected to the Collegiate Recovery Program.  The membership is transferable within the University.
  • Collegiate Recovery Community/Program (CRC/CRP) criteria:
  • CRPs embrace abstinence-based recovery as the standard of our field.
  • CRPs are housed within Institutions of Higher Education that confer academic degrees (e.g., associates, bachelors, masters, and/or doctorate degrees).
  • CRPs are non-profit entities.
  • CRPs have paid qualified, trained, ethical, and dedicated professionals who support students in recovery.
  • CRPs have within them a collegiate recovery community with students in recovery from their alcoholism and/or drug addiction as the primary focus.
  • CRPs do best with a dedicated physical space for students in recovery to gather and offer peer support to one another.
  • CRPs provide a variety of recovery support services to assist students in maintaining and protecting their recovery.

Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) Professional Affiliate Membership

$ 50 / year

The CRP Professional Affiliate membership is for CRP/CRC Administrators, staff or faculty at member institutions. One Professional Affiliate Membership goes with the Institutional Membership automatically – usually to the Director of the Program. The Professional Affiliate Membership is for individuals whose school is already an ARHE member, but wish to have additional memberships. This membership is transferable within the University’s CRP Program.

Ally Membership

$ 100 / year
  • The Ally membership is available to individuals who are interested in issues of recovery and education but who are not affiliated with a specific collegiate recovery community within higher education. This membership is appropriate for, educational administrators and teachers/professors; researchers (affiliated with educational institutions or not); students at the graduate, undergraduate, and secondary levels; counselors, credentialed therapists and addiction professionals (affiliated with educational institutions or not); government representatives; parents; and individuals in recovery, etc. Emeritus members of schools or colleges are also eligible for Ally Membership. This is a personal membership and is not transferable.

Non-Profit Agency

$ 400 / year
  • This membership is available to non-profit organizations and agencies who are interested in issues of recovery and education. This membership includes one Associate Affiliate membership for one staff person affiliated with the organization.
  • Note: In-Service Scholarships may be available on a case by case basis (i.e. printing, conference volunteers, etc). Non-profit associations/agencies/etc that support ARHE goals.

For-Profit Agency or Corporation

$ 500 / year
  • This membership is available to For-profit organizations, manufacturers, or suppliers of goods and services that operate for profit and support the policies, purposes and activities of ARHE. This membership includes one Associate Affiliate membership for one staff person affiliated with the organization.

Student Membership

$ 25 / year
  • This membership is for any undergraduate or graduate students in recovery interested in being an ally to students in recovery/the recovery movement.