If you’re a student coming to the 2018 ARHE/ARS/AAPG National Conference at the University of Houston, we’ve got a week’s worth of activities just for you! This post is packed with conference information geared towards students but applies to many other attendees as well. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions!


-There will be recovery meetings onsite! Additionally, Houston has a ton of recovery meetings and our University of Houston crew has compiled a great list for all attendees. You can find information online, at the registration desk, in the Recovery Room, or in the onsite program

Where to eat
-On the FAQ page online it outlines where and when certain meals are provided. Our tip is to show up early as free food can go pretty quickly! Check out the program online to read more.

Social media
-Join the Students of ARHE Facebook group to connect with other students, and the 2018 Conference Facebook group to connect with attendees as a whole. There’s also plenty of social media activities and contests that we’ll have on site!

Ask questions
-Conferences can be pretty overwhelming, feel free to ask a volunteer any question or visit us at the registration desk. You can also message us on social media and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Residence hall
-If you’re in the conference residence hall, you should have received your rooming assignment and all the details by this point. Please reach out to Sierra with any questions.

Hang out in the Showcase Room
-If you’re on a break and not sure what to do, hang out in the Collegiate Recovery Showcase Room on Tuesday or Wednesday! There’s collegiate recovery programs exhibiting, poster presentations set up, plenty of seating, and plenty of food and drinks!

Free student membership
-Want to become a member of ARHE? Stop by the registration desk to sign up for your free membership!

Preparing for the heat
Some tips below from our Texas crew!

– Wear layers! We are serious about our air conditioning here, so it can get quite chilly inside while it’s hot outside, so be sure you’re able to take off/ put on a jacket or blazer and better switch between temps.
– Stay hydrated! Bring a reusable water bottle and be sure to drink more water than you normally would.
– Want to go super pro? Bring an umbrella to keep some of the sun off you while you’re outside! It’s amazing what a difference that can make.
– If possible stick with lightweight clothing materials like linen, seersucker, cotton, etc. Looser clothes are also helpful.
– Don’t hesitate to ask for help or take a break in the A/C if you begin to feel faint, nauseous, or become pale. This may be the start of a heat-related illness. Check out this chart from the CDC for helpful tips and symptom ID.
Texas heat is no joke if you’re not used to it, but it is definitely manageable if you take some precautions!


Monday Luncheon with Ryan Leaf
-Free lunch with a Former NFL QB? Show up to the Ballroom on Monday to hear from Recovery Advocate and former college star, Ryan Leaf! Sponsored by Transcend Recovery.

Monday night H-Town Sober Getdown
-Bowling, pizza, arcade games, karaoke, and hanging with students in recovery from across the country! Show up to the UH Student Center Game Room from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM for the H-Town Sober Getdown, Sponsored by Recovery Unplugged and Hosted by UH Cougars in Recovery.

Tuesday night entertainment
-Lots of options for Tuesday night! A handful of Houston Astros tickets will be available for a 7:05 PM game time. Connect with us on social media to see how you can win some free tickets!
-There’s also a 7 PM comedy show on campus with comedian Mark Lundholm! Following Mark Lundholm is a silent disco and sober party in the multipurpose room, hosted by POP-AART.

Wednesday night Emerging Leaders Event
Calling all emerging leaders! Wednesday night features a reception (with free food!) and forum discussing topics relevant for emerging leaders in recovery. At the reception, you’ll connect with mentors and others in recovery from across the country. The forum discussion in the Theater features a keynote speaker and panel discussing topics like service, mentoring, leadership styles, and working as a professional in recovery. Learn more on the Facebook event page!

Student Focused Sessions
Check out the conference schedule and onsite program for all the Student Track session! The (S) indicates that it’s a part of the student track.

Please reach out with any questions and we look forward to seeing you down in Houston!

-The 2018 ARHE/ARS/AAPG Conference Committee