Our Inaugural National Collegiate Recovery Day wasn’t held back by social distancing — it was celebrated widely on social media, at colleges and universities, and in recovery communities.

Over 100 people participated in our events, hundreds of people wore purple as they celebrated collegiate recovery, and we raised over $2,000. We also announced our 2020 Collegiate Recovery Awardees and launched the Collegiate Recovery Advisory Council.

Universities held a wide range of events such as recovery ally trainings, Narcan training, and special recovery meetings to celebrate the impact collegiate recovery has made in students’ lives.

Shippensburg University and the University of Texas Tech held Zoom conferences about collegiate recovery. The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley held a recovery ally training, and the University of North Carolina hosted a webinar on Intersectionality and Recovery. Kennesaw State University held a live event where their AOD Prevention and Education Coordinator answered recovery-related questions.

We also held a webinar: ARHE Interview with Kitty Harris and Patrice Salmeri. (Click on the link for a replay).

On Instagram, there were over 160 posts and the hashtag #CollegiateRecoveryDay was used in over 100 posts. Participants provided resources, shared their stories, and wore purple to show support for the collegiate recovery community.

Some images of virtual calls they conducted related to recovery where callers wore purple to show how the recovery community came together for an important day in history. Stories included individuals’ paths to recovery, the impact of collegiate recovery programs on individuals, and tools individuals used to achieve and maintain recovery.

Gallery of CR Day

It’s safe to say we successfully promoted collegiate recovery far and wide.

We’d like to extend a special thank you to everyone who participated in the events and supported collegiate recovery. Together, we’re making a notable difference for students in recovery.