Catch the replay of ARHE’s webinar: Practical Skills for Navigating Trauma.

Trauma refers to any unhealed wound–physical, emotional, sexual, or spiritual. Trauma that remains unaddressed and unhealed can get in the way of meaningful recovery, regardless of the individual’s chosen path for healing. The more we are learn about trauma, we’ve discovered that unhealed trauma can remain stored at the brain level in a way that makes it impossible to reach by words alone. Body-based, creative, expressive, and other emotionally-responsive interventions are needed to help us cope with the impact of trauma in our daily lives…and to carve a path forward for deeper healing.

In this webinar, clinical trauma specialist, educator and author Dr. Jamie Marich explores these concepts and offers attendees several practical strategies that they can begin to implement into their lives today that can assist with the healing process. She also discusses cutting edge strategies for healing trauma that recovering individuals may want to consider as they work towards their goals for recovery.


ARHE Webinar: Practical Skills for Navigating Trauma


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