As part of our broader spotlight series — where we highlight the amazing people involved in collegiate recovery — we are now featuring the profiles of our board members. Read more about their achievements, passion for collegiate recovery, how they got involved with ARHE, and find out their vision for the future of the field.


This week’s feature is Hillary Hardie.


Name, pronouns, institution, and title: 

Hillary Hardie (she/hers), Collegiate Recovery Program Manager at the University of Alabama


Can you tell us a bit about your program and how you got involved with collegiate recovery?

My program began in 2015. We currently have 25 members in our CRP and are growing every semester. We provide programming that enhances students’ recovery, academic, and personal development, as well as advocate and educate the greater campus community on AOD issues. 


How long have you been on the ARHE Board of Directors and what is your role?

I have been on the board since July of 2020 and serve as the Southeastern Regional Representative.


What attracted you to get involved as a board member at ARHE?

I thought it would be an awesome way to be of service and give back to my recovery community at a national level.


How do you envision collegiate recovery evolving over the next few years?

My hopes are that we continue to grow as an association, providing more resources to develop new CRPs across the nation, especially at the community college level.


What’s been your favorite part of being involved with collegiate recovery and ARHE?

The connections I have been able to make with the people who work and learn in this field.

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