Name: Shantel (Shan) Lagard

Pronouns: she/her

Institution: I am a junior at Baylor University 

Area of Study: I am studying Religion with a minor in Business Administration 

Dream Job: My dream job is no job, but if I had to choose a job it would either be marriage and family therapist or social worker. 

ARHE Position: My ARHE position is Media & Communications Fellow 

What have you enjoyed about your ARHE fellowship so far? 

Something that I have enjoyed about my fellowship so far is the work I get to do posting content on Facebook. It really makes me happy when people engage with the things that I post. 

What are you hoping to work on for ARHE or the collegiate recovery field? 

I am hoping that through my fellowship with ARHE, if I have done nothing else, I have at least spread awareness about collegiate recovery. 

Are there changes you would like to see in the collegiate recovery field overall? 

There are many changes about collegiate recovery I would like to see but the biggest one is that collegiate recovery becomes destigmatized in society. 

Do you have any words of advice for students in recovery? 

Become active in your school’s CRP if they have one. If not, find a small community of people that you know will be there for the highs and the lows when they come. 

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