Name: sylvia ildsjel

Pronouns: (they/she)

Institution: Minneapolis College

Area of Study: Addiction Counseling

Dream Job: My dream job is to open and co-facilitate a Queer and Trans Community Treatment Center. 

ARHE Position: 2021 ARHE Media and Communications Fellow

What have you enjoyed about your ARHE fellowship so far? 

I feel affirmed in the work that I do for ARHE. I work with people who are warm, understanding, and dedicated to the field. There is a distinct focus on mental health and each intern’s own recovery.

What are you hoping to work on for ARHE or the collegiate recovery field? 

It has been instructive learning how to develop content applicable to collegiate recovery, and my hope is to move beyond the process of content creation toward other roles in ARHE.

Are there changes you would like to see in the collegiate recovery field overall? 

I would like collegiate recovery to shift away from a focus on 12-step models and invite in other evidence-based practices. A continuum of disorders demands a continuum of care.

Do you have any words of advice for students in recovery? 

My advice to students in recovery would be that it gets easier. Recovery is possible, and normalizing recovery on college campuses is an incredibly brave thing to do.

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