Catch the replay of our recent webinar: The Secret Flywheel – A New Paradigm for Greater Momentum Effortless Impact with Student Programming. Presented by Sober Voices Co-owners: Mercy Lee Bell and Alyssa May Hart.

How did Sober Voices, a BIPOC-led and female founded sober and sober-curious conference for Gen X and Millennials, go from 0 to 5,000 active community members in less than a year? What did they do differently to encourage 12,000 content visits from young people from 13 countries around the world? How did they do this with a $0 marketing budget? Sober Voices co-owners Mercy Lee Bell and Alyssa May Hart will share what’s behind their “secret flywheel” — a concept that’s often discussed amongst technology companies — but rarely brought into the higher ed discussion. They’ll also share strategies that you can transfer to your campus — including how to build the right architecture in your campus programming to support both sober and sober-curious students. How to create “self-reinforcing” programming that requires less spreading the word or intensive collaboration.

Folks are encouraged to attend the Sober Voices Flow digital conference. There will be online access to recordings for a month following the event if you are unable to attend the live sessions at their conference.

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