With ARHE Board of Directors Nominations officially open until March 21st, today’s blog will examine the responsibilities and expectations associated with currently available Board positions and the Board as a whole.

The elected board members of the ARHE are a voluntary group of leaders who serve the collegiate recovery field. The highest priority of each board member is to support and encourage the student population in recovery on their individual campuses and to enable collegiate programs to develop, connect, and be sustainable.

Elected positions on the Board of Directors are the Co-Chairs, Regional Representatives, and Secretary. Other positions on the Board include the Treasurer, Incoming Treasurer, Members at Large, and Student Representatives, which are appointed by the Board of Directors. Board positions are available to any current ARHE Members, apart from the Co-Chair positions, which require two years of prior service on the Board. Additional information about becoming an ARHE Member can be found here.

Currently available positions are Secretary, Southeast Regional Representative, Mountain Regional Representative, and Mid-Atlantic Regional Representative. The Secretary will serve a term of three years, from 2022-2025, and the Regional Representatives will serve a two-year term from 2022-2024.

Specifically, the Secretary is expected:

  1. To serve as a Director of the Board
  2. To serve on the Executive Committee
  3. To keep records of the proceedings of all business meetings.
  4. To conduct the official correspondence including the issuance of notices of meetings when requested by the Co-Chairs.
  5. To notify ARHE of amendments to these Bylaws after adoption by the membership when requested.
  6. To notify ARHE candidates of election results, when requested by the Co-Chairs
  7. To inform the membership of their election or appointment to the Executive Committee, when requested by the Co-Chairs

and Regional Representatives are expected:

  1. To serve as a Director on the Board
  2. To serve as a liaison between the Regional CRPs and the ARHE Board to communicate updates.
  3. To be in contact with existing CRPs in the region regularly
  4. To solicit feedback or communicate needs to the greater ARHE Board
  5. To help existing CRPs network and connect with other CRPs.
  6. Serve as first point of contact for new CRPs upon CRP inquiry.

All Board Members are expected to:

  1. Actively serve on at least one ARHE Board committee
  1. Be present for at least 75% of required ARHE Board meetings
  2. Give notice to ARHE Co-Chairs of any absence at required ARHE Board meeting
  3. Participate at in-person Board meetings
  4. Dedicate at least 5 hours per month to ARHE Board responsibilities
  5. Adhere to Annual “Give or Get” Policy
  6. Commit fully to diversity, equity, and justice work within their role as an individual, a Board member, with the Board as a whole, and the organization overall

Though the specific focuses of each position may vary, the general purposes and functions of the Board are to:

  1. Make all necessary general policy decisions, proposed amendments, strategic planning and to represent the Association of Recovery in Higher Education
  2. Formulate general policies of ARHE concerning the objectives and purposes of ARHE and recommend such action as seems necessary to present these policies to the voting members of ARHE for adoption
  3. Consider all proposed amendments to the ARHE Bylaws.

Additionally, ARHE Board Members assume legal and fiscal responsibility for ARHE as an organization while serving the term of their position. These responsibilities are described in more detail in the ARHE Bylaws and are important to understand before accepting a position on the ARHE Board.

Materials for nominations must be submitted by Monday, March 21st. The necessary materials are a Bio, Statement of Interest, and a Letter of Support from your Institution. Nominees will be contacted the last week of March to verify interest, and voting will take place between April 1st and April 14th.

Nomination forms can be found here. Questions can also be directed to Interim Executive Director Kristina Canfield at kristina.canfield@collegiaterecovery.org.





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