Augsburg College

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Established: 1997
Region: Midwest
State: Minnesota
Program Contact: Patrice M. Salmeri
(612) 330-1405
Website: Program Link

About the Program

StepUP® Program at Augsburg college

The StepUP® Program at Augsburg College was founded in 1997. StepUP is housed within the Student Affairs Division of the College. We have a dedicated space that provides student space, staff space and residential space. Our program provides a 106-person residence hall for all StepUP students. We have five full-time staff members including a Director, an Assistant Director, two Chemical Dependency Counselors, and an Administrative Assistant. We also employ students and have undergraduate and graduate internships available. We are a larger CRP with 85 students. We engage students through a number of recovery programs including our ropes course, sober parties, movie nights, etc. We additionally have a number of recovery supports, such as: meetings off campus, Academic Skills Office, Center for Learning and Adaptive Student Services, tutoring, weekly counselor meetings, weekly community meetings, the Counseling and Wellness Center, athletics, intramurals, mindfulness club, and student organizations. We are affiliated with the Minnesota College Professionals Association and the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators. StepUP is a completely residential program. Each student applying for acceptance into StepUP participates in an interview and must provide a reference letter. Each student is asked to submit an essay. Augsburg College and StepUP have separate admission criteria, both must be met. Newcomers can fully participate in the program as long as they have 4-6 months in recovery.

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