Methodist University

Program Details

Established: 2023
Region: Mid-Atlantic
State: North Carolina
Program Contact: Gregory Berry
(910) 482-5433

About the Program

Methodist University is leading a comprehensive multi-campus CRP. We are located on the campuses of Methodist University and Fayetteville Technical Community College. This is a joint collegiate recovery program, which uses a design that embraces evidence-based practices and supports student’s decisions to engage in a lifestyle of recovery. We do not currently provide housing for students.

We currently have one Director, one Assistant Director, one Administrative Assistant, two Peer Support Specialist, one Intern, four Student Ambassadors and five Volunteers. Our program is considered mid-size and is well supported by the campus.

The CRP offers both recovery support services and social activities that support recovery. Recovery support services include mutual aid support groups, such as SMART recovery, Celebrate Recovery, 12 Steps, and Wellness/Recovery Action Planning (WRAP), as well mentoring, peer support, harm reduction education, and recovery coaching. Social activities include community events, gaming tournaments, poetry readings, film screenings, and fitness groups.

These programs strive to provide access to drug-free and alcohol-free places and locations for students to live, study and socialize, as well as provide peer mentorship, recovery coaching, and other recovery supports to students.

We believe it is important to recognize that there are multiple pathways to recovery and our CRP wants to make sure that there is an option for everyone and that we are meeting people where they are. Therefore, there are no requirements for students to become members. Moreover, students can engage as much as they want

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A Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) is a college or university-provided program that includes a supportive environment within the campus culture. CRPs reinforce the decision to engage in a lifestyle of recovery from addiction/substance use disorder. It is designed to provide an educational opportunity alongside recovery supports to ensure that students do not have to sacrifice one for the other.

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