NorthEast Region

Luzerne County Community College

Program Details

Established: 2019
Region: Northeast
State: Pennsylvania
Program Contact: Antoinette Sacco
(570) 740-0406


About the Program

Luzerne County Community College AllOne Recovery Educational Institute (AREI) was founded in September 2019 when a grant was awarded from the AllOne Foundation. We are located in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania. AREI currently holds office space in College Hall and has the ability to offer groups, meetings, and a safe space for students in the AREI program to come and get or offer support to other students. AREI employs 2 full time positions, director and a certified recovery specialist. We also employ 3 part time positions; secretary, counselor, and retention specialist. We offer recovery meetings, resources on and off campus, safe place for participants to come, on and off campus activities, Our program is considered a medium recovery program, which is representative of our campus but is well-supported by the College. Our programming includes efforts to increase awareness about recovery in the campus community (especially during National Recovery Month – September), regular membership meetings, recovery anniversary celebrations, social outings, and more. We support our members in finding housing options, financial assistance, food, clothing, child care, transportation and other resources to aid students in recovery to stay engaged in their academic studies. We also offer a degree in Human Services Addiction Recovery diploma program and 2 other pathways for others to get certified as a recovery specialist. Anyone at any stage of exploring recovery is welcomed and encouraged to reach out to our program and attend our meetings. Full membership requires a 3rd party verification of abstinence and active participation in the development of an individualized success plan.

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A collegiate recovery program (CRP) is a College or University-provided, supportive environment within the campus culture that reinforces the decision to engage in a lifestyle of recovery from substance use. It is designed to provide an educational opportunity alongside recovery support to ensure that students do not have to sacrifice one for the other.