University of Houston

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Established: 2013
Region: Southwest
State: Texas
Program Contact: John Shiflet, Program Director
Website: Program Link

About the Program

Cougars in Recovery (CIR), founded in 2013, is a department within the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services at the University of Houston. CIR is a large collegiate recovery community as it serves more than 45 students pursuing abstinence-based recovery. Dedicated space for the program provides both student lounge and amenities as well as staff office space. We have two employees, the Program Director and the Volunteer Program Coordinator. We offer sober housing to 22 students on campus. The Cougars in Recovery program offers many resources and activities. Students are offered multiple opportunities to attend 12-step meetings on campus, we provide weekly check-in meetings, we have a student organization focused on education and giving back to the community, and additional recreational programming. A recovery protection plan was developed to support students after a relapse, and those with less than 90 days of sobriety. CIR serves as a liaison, advocating for students in the areas of academics, conduct and admissions. A list of on-campus and off-campus resources is available on our website. The only requirement for membership is a commitment to abstain from all substance use. Students wishing to live in sober housing must have acquired six months of continuous sobriety. Interested students submit an application and participate in an interview. Each student signs an agreement stating his/her desire to live life free from mind altering substances and agrees to hold other members of the community to this standard. Access to lounge space and participation in the weekly check-in meetings are membership privileges. All other meetings are open to the Houston recovery community. Once a student agreement is signed, the individual has full access to CIR programming.

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