Northampton Community College

Program Details

Region: Northeast
State: Pennsylvania
Program Contact: Beatriz Sanabría – Director or Eric Klein - Coordinator

About the Program

Northampton Community College (NCC) Collegiate Recovery Program

The Northampton Community College (NCC) Collegiate Recovery Program offers support for students in recovery from addiction seeking their degree in higher education. The mission of the NCC CRP is to provide an enriched sober environment in which students in recovery can achieve academic success. The NCC CRP furnishes support for students in recovery, and helps protect their recovery via the established goals of building a system of support, non-judgment, and fellowship among students in recovery, while providing sober activities that encourage healthy coping skills, recovery, and academic success. Additionally, the NCC CRP helps develop strong partnerships within and outside the college campus. It is housed inside the counseling department and enjoys institutional advocacy across multiple levels of staff and faculty. Since 1967, NCC has grown to become the region’s largest, open-access post-secondary institution. Today, NCC offers more than 100 college degree, certificate, specialized diploma, and enrichment programs to more than 10,500 credit students and 20,000 non-credit and community education students each year on three separate campuses. The NCC CRP began in 2016 as part of a concerted effort to co-construct, along with the student body, a more inclusive and progressive approach to empowering students in recovery and fighting the stigma of addiction.

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