Texas Christian University

Program Details

Established: Fall 2012
Region: Southwest
State: Texas
Program Contact: Caroline Albritton
Website: Program Link

About the Program

TCU Students for Recovery

The TCU CRP is currently housed within the Department of Student Affairs, in the Alcohol and Drug Education office. Our dedicated meeting space for student members is located in an upperclassmen residence hall, and the staff person’s office is located a few buildings over, inside of the Counseling and Mental Health Center. While there are no current assigned housing options for students in recovery, students are able to contact Housing and Residence Life and/or Alcohol and Drug Education to request to be paired with another roommate(s) who is in recovery. There is also an option to check this preference on the housing “lottery” application, which is used for random pairing of roommates. The TCU CRP is coordinated and facilitated by one paid full-time staff person, the Program Specialist in Alcohol and Drug Education. The size of the TCU CRP is small; between 6 and 12 students who are pursuing abstinence-based recovery attend weekly meetings and other off campus activities. Recovery programming and supports include sober tailgates during football season, monthly social activities and opportunities for service work. There is also an annual banquet held in the spring to celebrate recovery with campus and community partners. The requirements for membership in the TCU CRP is current status as a TCU student, and the desire to be sober. Newcomers, including those who are only contemplating sobriety, are welcome to attend weekly meetings, as well as social activities.

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