University of Tampa

Program Details

Established: 2016
Region: Southeast
State: Florida
Program Contact: Gina Firth
(813) 257-1777

About the Program

University of Tampa (UT) Collegiate Recovery Community (UTRC)

The University of Tampa (UT) Collegiate Recovery Community (UTRC) is a part of LiveWell UT through Wellness Services located on the 2nd floor of the Dickey Health and Wellness Center. This is a new program, started in the fall of 2016 and is slowly evolving.  Students can utilize the 2nd floor of the Wellness Center as needed, which consists of meeting space, student computers and break room area.  Space is reserved on campus for weekly meetings.  We do not currently offer dedicated housing through the UTRC but work closely with students, residence life staff and community partners to establish the best living arrangements possible for interested students.     Currently, we do not have a dedicated staff member for this program, however, all full-time Wellness Services staff, consisting of the associate dean of students, wellness coordinator and staff assistant support and assist our volunteer student leadership with the program. In addition, there is a volunteer community advisor through Board Prep Recovery Center in Tampa.  UTRC currently is a midsize program (15-45 students). Currently, there is not a length of time requirement for sobriety for membership, but this may change over time. UTRC will work with any student seeking support in their recovery.   Services include a weekly meeting, case management, academic advising as needed, and we hope to add a peer mentor program soon.  Along with weekly recovery meetings, students also have the opportunity to participate in community events, social outings, retreats and travel to recovery conferences.  The UTRC works closely with other university departments, including the Dean of Students Office, Medical and Counseling Services, and the Office of Student Success.

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