Virginia Tech

Program Details

Established: 2015
Region: Mid-Atlantic
State: Virginia
Program Contact: Joshua Redding
(540) 231-2233
Website: Program Link

About the Program

The Recovery Community at Virginia Tech is a student organization on the campus of Virginia Tech that started in 2015 and a part of Hokie Wellness. We meet twice a week in dedicated classrooms and local coffee shops until our permanent space is built in 2020. We also have monthly spaghetti dinners and other events like tailgates, movies, paintball, and other outings. We are currently working on dedicated recovery housing in the community and have a two staff on campus who care deeply about students in recovery and we have a dedicated staff in the budget for 2020. We are currently defined as a Mid-size CRP, but are on the smaller side for most groups. We do not yet have membership requirements except a desire to remain sober. We are working on early class enrollment, and other benefits for members that aid their academic success as well as increase their recovery capital. We require that new comers have at least 6 months of continuous membership and involvement before assuming a leadership position as well as sustained recovery of 6 months to 1 year.

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